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Two sides to every coin.

I wrote on Friday about my terrible low a week from yesterday. Wouldn’t you know? This past weekend, my BGs were all terrific. That’s a nice change from the past two weekends, which included a bad low (see Friday’s post) and a couple of wicked highs, punctuated by multiple glucose checks immediately followed by screams of “You have GOT to be kidding me!”.

This past weekend, of course, is how we want our lives to always be like with diabetes. Yet so often, when I have a few days in a row like this, I’m the first person to ignore it. Prick your finger, move on. For me, that means I miss an opportunity to pat myself on the back. It also means I miss the chance to go back and find out what happened.


What went right? Were my basals dialed in perfectly? Did I bolus like I invented the term? Got lucky is more like it, because I had pasta salad for dinner last night.

Whatever the reason (or reasons), getting a handle on what works for me is often as important as finding out what doesn’t. Here’s hoping your research is coming from an equally good place too.

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