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This Champion Athlete With Diabetes is a real life Champion.

When I started to write up the information on our newest Champion Athlete With Diabetes, I found myself saying, “Is there anything that Alex Carlson can’t do?”.

Alexandra Carlson lives in Minnesota, so it makes sense that her sport is a winter one. In fact, she’s part of the 2015 USA Curling National Champion team. She trains a great deal in able to be in top form for her sport. Curling requires Alex to be strong, agile, and fit.

How do I know she is all of these things? Because I read her blog, Test Travel Train. There, she talks about the things that make her unique (testing, traveling, and training… duh), and how living with Type 1 diabetes for over twenty years is a part of that.

It’s part of her life, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing her down. And that is, um, AWESOME!

You can read all about winning the National Championship HERE.
So, to recap: Training to compete at the highest level of her sport, writing a super blog, and managing diabetes for 20+ years. And she has a new pump too!

Congratulations, Alex. You are exactly what inspires people living with diabetes to go out and chase their athletic dreams.
Want to have your own Champion Athletes With Diabetes medal minted? Send me an e-mail at champswithdiabetes@gmail.com. Tell me your name, name of the athlete (it’s okay if it’s you), and your address (gotta know where to send the medal). Most important, tell me what athletic goal was accomplished, and when. Extra points if you tell me how you felt accomplishing the goal.

Keep it tuned right here, friends. I’ve got two more Champion Athletes to tell you about in the very near future.

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