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Beautiful Weekend.

After a lot of rain Friday night, the weekend turned out to be fantastic weather-wise. All of us in the household (three of us) were very busy this weekend. Lots to do. The Great Spousal Unit had a few dog walks this weekend (that’s what she does at this point in her career), and The Live-In Niece was busy doing what 26-year olds do these days. I just know that I didn’t see her a lot until her and her boyfriend cooked for us on Sunday night (great, by the way).

For me, it was getting my pond in the back yard cleaned up again, which took a lot of time on Saturday afternoon. And preparing for the ride next weekend, including a last-minute replacement of my seat collar– the clamp that holds my seat stem in place. I was replacing the seat Saturday night, and I overtightened the clamp to the point that I broke the bolt. So I had to find a new one (that was actually the same size), and get it on and test it out on a ride. Which was way shorter than I wanted. But at this point, either I’m ready for the ride or I’m not. More on that later in the week.

Despite all of the madness, Maureen and I found a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go out to Fort McHenry for a breakfast picnic. Fort McHenry has to be one of the best picnic places on the east coast. It’s at least one of the best urban picnic spots on the east coast. Basically, if you want to visit the fort itself, you have to pay an entrance fee. But if you want to hang out anywhere on the property outside of the fort, it’s free of charge, every day. Lots of green space, right on the harbor as it opens up to the bigger part of the Chesapeake Bay. Anyway, it was a lovely time, with coffee, delicious fruit salad, and a small amount of yummy pastry. Best of all, my BGs stayed in line all day.

And we got to bring the dog along too! Like any dog, he loves going anywhere with new sights, smells, and dogs. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

All in all, a great way to recharge for the week ahead. Oh, and by the way, I did get a new seat collar, and it works fine holding my seat stem in place. I hope your weekend was great! Best of luck to you on the week ahead.








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