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Choose something new? Or go with the existing standard?

I’m thinking it might be time… time to find a new piece of alert jewelry.

The only medical alert jewelry I've ever owned.

The only medical alert jewelry I’ve ever owned.

I am incredibly awed and fascinated by people who have diabetes ink on their bodies. Those people don’t have to worry about wearing a bracelet or a necklace that details the fact that they have diabetes. It’s right there on their arms (it’s on everybody’s arms, right?) for everyone to see. But… while I may admire someone else’s tatoo, the thought of getting one of my own just doesn’t appeal to me.

I’ve had the same Medic Alert necklace for all of the 24 years I’ve been living with diabetes. I updated it after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but it’s been the same model all this time. I got it originally because 1) I was told I must get a medical alert something because I had diabeeeteees; and 2) Because I didn’t want to be too flashy about advertising my diabetes to the world. Geez, and now I write a blog and engage in advocacy. How the world changes.

The thing is, I actually like my necklace. It has the basic information. It allows someone who finds me to make a collect call (why they don’t have an 800 number after all these years is beyond me) if they want to find out my endocrinologist’s name, etc. It has all of the most important medical information on it:


After wearing it 24/7/365 for so long (except while swimming and… sex), it really feels like another part of my body. It feels weird when I’m not wearing it. And I know of at least one instance when emergency medical technicians looked at it and made the call, getting valuable information that helped me.

But… I don’t like to stick with the same thing all the time. I’m thinking it might be nice to have something else I could wear now and then. But what? I’ve seen a lot of ads for different medical alert bracelets and such. Should I get something new? Even if it’s just so I could have an alternative? First world problems, yes?

I don’t know the answers to those questions yet. But I’m going to do a little research. I’m going to look into what’s available on the market, and decide if something new might be good for me.

I’m thinking it might do you some good to look into alternatives too. Unless you’re wearing something you really like already. If you are, please leave me a comment to let me know what it is so I can check it out. If you’re living with diabetes… and you don’t have something like this that you’re wearing already… even though it might seem strange and uncomfortable at first (because it was for me too)… get one now.

As strange as it may seem to be wearing an advertisement for your own diabetes, that advertisement may prove amazingly invaluable to you today, or tomorrow, or fifteen years down the road. If you want people to take your diabetes seriously, take it seriously yourself and get your own alert bling. Then leave me a comment below.

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