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Medical IDs– Update your info.

I’ve seen a few #dblog posts recently (like this one) from writers talking (and asking) about medical ID gear. So I thought I would weigh in on the subject too.

Officially, I’m still wearing my Medic Alert necklace that I purchased about 15 years ago (click here to see– no, I don’t have the beaded chain). The reasons are simple: I’m okay with how it looks, it’s durable, and it’s always around my neck. I really only take it off to swim.

But it’s not that simple. Medic Alert keeps a profile on you containing lots of information like your emergency contacts, your medical team, and more. The idea is that responders can call the number on the back of my ID, give the serial number on the back, and get all of this info in a flash. While I’ve had my necklace for a long time, I recognize that some of the important information is out of date.

How out of date? Really, really out of date.

I logged onto the Medic Alert site. Well, no, that’s not exactly what I did. I went to the site and had to create a user ID and password. It’s been so long since I updated my information that Medic Alert has gotten into the 21st Century and actually created an online way for you to update your information. For all I know, this could have occurred back in 1999, because it’s been that long since I last updated my info.

Since then, I’ve changed doctors (3 times), I’ve changed insulins (twice), I’ve added an insulin pump, and I actually got a mobile phone!

Moral of the story: It’s great to have something that alerts responders of your condition, and who to contact when you can’t do it yourself. Extra points if it looks good too. But something new and bright and shiny doesn’t help if the information associated with it is stale.

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