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The Best of Intentions.

The Great Spousal Unit and I went to a play last weekend. It was fun, a light-hearted look at three aging World War I veterans who hatch a plan to escape from the retirement home they’re living in circa 1960.

I knew the insulin in my reservoir was getting lower, and when I checked at about 8:00 that morning, I saw that there were just over 30 units left. I thought I could probably make it through the day with that much and change my site that evening. But… remembering the “Please turn off all of your cell phones and other electronic devices” speech that’s given before every live performance, I decided to do the site change before the 2:30 showtime so I (and the rest of the audience) wouldn’t hear that Low Reservoir beep during the show. Smart thinking to plan ahead, right?

So we get to the theater, an intimate, 200 seat venue that produces great plays all year long. We’re in our seats, the show begins, and… during a quiet moment in the first act (it’s always a quiet moment)… beep BEEP beep!

Low Battery Alarm.

To make it worse, it was the first time in 2 1/2 years that I had let my battery run down enough to cause an alarm. Not that anyone in the audience really cared about that in that moment.

Fortunately, the performances in the play more than made up for my lack-of-planning faux pas. I heard this phrase once, and it seems appropriate here: “Someday, we’ll look back on all this, have a good laugh, and plow our car into a tree.”

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