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Thank a diabetes friend this holiday season.

It seems like there’s a term for nearly every day during the holiday season. Thanksgiving, of course. Then there’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and now… Giving Tuesday.

Of all of these, I have the potential to like Giving Tuesday the most. I’m at the point in my life where all of the material things I want are relatively small.

I’m not a big “shop big on the holidays this year” kind of guy anymore. Not because I’m old. Not because I don’t want to open up my wallet this time of year, because I do. For both of us at home, it’s more about spending on others than on ourselves now.

I think the idea of giving of yourself this holiday season is something I can identify with and rally around. That’s where Diabetes Hands Foundation comes in.

Today, DHF will make it easy for you to show your appreciation for those who make our diabetes lives easier, happier, more meaningful. Go to diabeteshandsfoundation.org/thanks and share your message of thanks for those who have touched our lives.

For a five dollar donation to Diabetes Hands Foundation, you’ll be able to get a Thank You card that will be displayed on an online pinboard designed to promote positivity and gratitude during this season of wishes.

Want to find out more? Check out this lovely video:

The season of Thank Yous will continue through the end of the year. So in conclusion:

– Helping Diabetes Hands Foundation enrich the lives of People With Diabetes? CHECK.

– Thanking someone who deserves it? CHECK.

– Making people feel good? Helping to bring the diabetes tribe closer than ever? CHECK and CHECK.

This holiday season, remind someone how important they are to your life with diabetes.

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