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Four things (times 11)

I had something already written and ready to go today, but after I read this over at Scully’s blog and then this over at Jeff’s blog I thought, what the hell, I’m game.

For lack of a better phrase, here are my top 4 lists:

1. Four names people call me other than my real name.
1. Steve (of course)
2. Uncle Steve
3. Honey
4. Hey You

2. Four jobs I’ve had.
1. Delivering papers (when I was 14, I made four dollars each week for delivering a local weekly paper)
2. Radio announcer, program director, freelance announcer, copywriter (I did all of these jobs at one time or another in my late teens into my mid 30s)
3. Retail manager (mostly, I set up, managed, and sold men’s suits for a discount chain in the midwest, again, from my mid 20s through my mid 30s)
4. Senior systems analyst (when I quit retail, I wanted to go in a different direction. I’ve been at my current job for 17 years)

3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once
1. Field of Dreams
2. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
3. Lillies of the Field (I’m a Sidney Poitier fan… what can I say?)
4. Any of the Thin Man movies (I’m also a big William Powell and Myrna Loy fan)

4. Four books I would recommend
1. Balancing Diabetes by Kerri Sparling (see what I did there? It’s a great book!)
2. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck (a tough but great read)
3. The Frontiersmen by Allan W. Eckert
4. 102 Minutes by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn (another tough read, but eye-opening)

5. Four places I’ve lived
1. Cincinnati, Ohio (born and raised there)
2. Columbus, Georgia (during that radio phase back in the 80s)
3. Dayton, Ohio (not far from Cincy, but it counts)
4. Baltimore, Maryland (where I’ve lived for the last twenty years)

6. Four places I’ve visited
1. London, England and Brussels, Belgium (where I was three weeks ago)
2. Ireland (a memorable trip I took a little over ten years ago)
3. Jamaica (on my honeymoon)
4. San Francisco Bay area, California (where I am right now!)

7. Four things I prefer not to eat
1. Beans
2. Chili with beans
3. Mushy peas (I noticed it on a lot of menus in London, but… no)
4. Any type of egg other than scrambled (they’ve made me gag since I was a kid)

8. Four of my favorite foods
1. Pizza
2. Cincinnati chili (which is usually eaten with pasta or with a hot dog– carbs,anyone?)
3. Pie (any kind except the kind with merengue)
4. Farm-fresh produce (especially tomatoes and corn on the cob)

9. Four TV shows I watch
1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
2. Major League Baseball (whenever it’s on and ESPECIALLY when the Reds or Orioles are on– see #5 above)
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. Parking Wars (especially the episodes from Philly– guilty pleasure)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year
1. Diabetes UnConference, March 13-15
2. Visits from family
3. Spending time with friends, at home and on the road
4. More chances to advocate for those living with/affected by diabetes

Four things I’m always saying
1. “Can you e-mail that to me?”
2. “Sorry, I don’t have a smart phone.”
3. In response to the question: Are you low? “I don’t KNOW if I’m low unless I check!”
4. “I support you… no conditions.”

Got anything you’d like to list?

This has been a fun exercise for a Friday. I hope your weekend goes well, and is free of snow unless you don’t want it to be.

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