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Why I don’t worry about December anymore.

I know there will be a lot of newspaper articles, TV reports, and yes, blog posts in the coming weeks giving us the latest and greatest ways to get in shape and eat better in 2016. To which I say: Great! Bring it on! I’ll be ready for it.

But I’m not ready right now.

The avalanche of stories about resolutions and how to keep them used to make me feel like I must have lived poorly over the previous months, whether I had or had not. The truth is that feeling guilty doesn’t make me feel motivated. It makes me feel guilty.

Instead, I now look at December like a chance to get a head start on fitness and diet goals. I no longer look at the month with dread about having to deny myself of everything, or that I’ll be sunk if I don’t get to the gym every day. Now I think of each day this month as an opportunity. No, really, I do.

I look at the few days here and there in December that I can work out as add-ons to my January, February, and March workouts. Like I’m starting the process early, even if it’s only in a small way. The same thing applies with food. I’ve definitely had moments when I’ve eaten too much. Who doesn’t? But that’s been tempered somewhat by soup and salad dinners, and days when I don’t eat anything extra at all.

And then… I try to give myself a break. I’m sick of being too hard on myself and feeling like an abject failure come January. Knowing myself, I know that cutting myself some slack, plus doing what I can, when I can, makes December a much happier month.

I’ve been far from perfect in December. But I have had good moments too. And now I’m in a good place, physically and mentally, to pick up the pace in the new year. I hope your December has been great so far, and your 2016 starts on a great note.

Why choose January?

You know… People always want to start a big diet or dinner-table-lifestyle-change on January 1st. Or the second, if you want to give yourself an extra day. But I think that in America, this may the best time of year to change eating habits. Know why?


That’s right… This is the time of year when the freshest, most flavorful, most good-for-you offerings are available. How can I not eat well?

This is prime bing cherry, blackberry, and zucchini season, to begin with. And even though my “local” corn isn’t really local for another month, I know that my local farm truck is getting it from a lot closer than where it was coming from two months ago. Tomatoes grown in hothouses are ripe and full of nutrients (and huge this year). The ones grown outside will be ready very soon. Even my cherry tomatoes are ripening now, as are my jalopenos and poblanos. My green beans are going crazy, and I’ve even dug a few potatoes out of the ground. Cantaloupes and watermelons become a fixture at breakfast tables for a couple of months. So I’ve already changed my diet a lot since June, without really trying hard. If I can keep it up, I’ll be thankful for what I started later in the year instead of in January. I know my BG is already thankful.


I’m definitely ready to dial down the carbs, pump up the nutrition, and even explore some alternative ingredients (ramps, anyone?). Now is the time. For me, it’s much easier to start eating right when it’s easier to eat right.

Summer only lasts so long. I’m going to enjoy it while I can. Find a local farm, farmer’s market, or farm truck in your area. If you do, I’ll assure you of two things: It will be hard to leave empty handed; and you’re going to like the taste of summer this year.

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