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Like these links… Vacation edition.

I’ll be honest with you… I have vacation on the brain right now. Soon I’ll be off for an entire week for the first time all year. So you may not hear much from me for a while. That’s not a bad thing, right?

Especially because there are so many other great places to go to for interesting stories, and things that expand your knowledge. Consider these reading options this week:
– Kelley at Below Seven talks about how she’s often put up a happy front to help her cope with her diabetes, and how sometimes that sends a message to people that things are always rosy, when maybe they aren’t:

“I guess my main point or word of advice to others is that if someone seems really happy or bubbly, don’t necessarily think that their life is easy.”

One of my favorite new blogs is written by Ally at Very Light No Sugar (Catchy!). Ally describes how she made a decision at age three to never cry at the doctor’s office. Ever. Now as an adult, she’s examining that decision and how it’s affected her life ever since:

”I see today that my mentality of always being strong was a survival tactic yet a detriment all at once. Some days I have a quick temper because it is easier to be angry than to acknowledge being scared or defeated.”


– If you’re new to the Diabetes Online Community, or to diabetes in general, I hope someone has turned you on to Diatribe. Kelly Close and her amazing team do an amazing job of providing useful diabetes information (for all types) in an easy-to-read style. Find out about new drugs and devices going through clinical trials, new products hitting the market, research into things like cell encapsulation and what’s really behind your A1c, and much more. I’ve taken to printing the .pdf version and reading it on the train to and from work.

In the latest edition, find out about Abbot’s Freestyle Libre system, the approval of Eli Lilly’s new drug Trulicity for Type 2 patients, information from the Centers for Disease Control on obesity data on a state-by-state basis, and the always-interesting SUM musings from Kerri Sparling, who talks about the CGM in the Cloud phenomenon.
You don’t want to miss this or any issue of Diatribe.

No, I don’t get anything from Diatribe for saying all this. I just think you’ll find it a useful and necessary part of your life. That’s all.


– Finally… here’s something to scratch your head over. Is a lack of insulin to the brain responsible for alzheimer’s? When I first read this, I remember thinking “How dare they steal my disease!”. Then I started wondering how deep the research really went, and if there really is a connection:

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Diabetes?

Something for me to think about as I pack.


So… What have you been reading lately?

I hope your weekend is great, and next week is even greater. Talk to you again soon!

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