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Tuesday is ADA’s Alert Day.


Tuesday marks the American Diabetes Association’s 26th annual Alert Day.

It’s an effort to find as many people as possible who might be at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. They do that with a simple risk test. Many of us know that 26 million Americans are living with diabetes of one type or another. But did you know there are 79 additional Americans who are at risk of developing diabetes? Alert Day is designed to help people identify if they are at risk, and then encourage them to make healthy choices to help them do what they can to be as healthy as possible.

Part of our job as advocates, I guess, is to help educate people about diabetes, and help them get help when they need it. So… if that’s the case, maybe we should encourage those we love who aren’t living with diabetes to take this test.

One of the best things about that is the fact that Boar’s Head Brand® (the deli products maker) will donate five dollars to the American Diabetes Association (up to $50,000) for every test taken.

The test is available in both English and Spanish. You can find it on the ADA’s website at diabetes.org/risktest, or on Facebook at facebook.com/AmericanDiabetesAssociation.

Knowledge is power. Share this with someone you love today.

It’s a big world.

As usual, this week’s DSMA chat (9:00 EDT in the USA) got me thinking. Not because of the topic (Advocacy), though it was great and there was lively conversation.

No, what’s really got me thinking is the comments by Beatriz Dominguez. Bea blogs at Cranky Pancreas. In addition, she’s on the DSMA advisory board. Not enough for you? She also hosts DSMA Live en Espanol. She’s also a Type 2 diabetic, and she’s not shy about letting people know when she thinks that Type 2s are not being taken seriously. I like that. And, I have to admit, it made me a little uncomfortable. Take a moment to look at her comments in the transcript (look for @CrankyPancreas). I’ll wait.

Hey, I know how real Type 2 is. My grandfather wound up with Type 2 toward the end of his life. I know that it greatly impacted his final days, though I didn’t understand how much until later (he died 5 years before I was diagnosed with Type 1).

But, if I’m going to be honest, I have to admit to… maybe not taking Type 2 seriously for a long time. Not like I bought into all of the misconceptions out there about Type 2s. More like, I thought I was a lot tougher because I endured with Type 1. Like I had the harder type. What does that do? It adds an unnecessary level of, I don’t know… Elitism? Non-inclusion? Stupidity? Yeah, all of that and more. Hard to admit it, but when I thought about Type 2, that’s what I thought.

Thankfully, I’ve long given up that kind of thinking. But Bea’s comments Wednesday made me think about it again.

So even though you know this, let me say it again: Diabetes sucks, no matter what flavor it is. And every PWD deserves our respect, our support, and our empathy.

It’s a big world, kids. Let’s make some room at the table for everyone.

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